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Programing Example Code

This list is a sample of my programming source code I have developed in the past, including C, C++, PHP and Assembly.

DescriptionAuthorFileSize (Bytes)Date
Linked List Demonstration Code (C)713012 September 2005 09:07:36 PM
Collision Detection of Spheres in 3D space.(C++)659712 September 2005 09:06:36 PM
Program to generate a simple Wind Plot (C++)26123516 May 2006 12:14:03 AM
Misc Functions(C)179512 September 2005 09:06:02 PM
ODBC Access Class (Non BDE) (C++)276821 June 2002 10:52:16 PM
Excel Macro to Include text from a delimited file.150825 September 2005 09:13:31 PM
Unix Backup Shell Script.498325 September 2005 10:26:13 PM
Database text search and display function.(PHP/SQL)360703 November 2005 09:35:59 PM
PIC Microcontroller Assembly Code.(PIC-ASM)879112 September 2005 09:11:38 PM
Polar and Rectangular coordinate conversions and rotations.(.PDF)12649727 January 2008 09:23:24 PM

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